Apple vs. Android

  • 5 March 2019
  • 2 replies

At the moment I have an iPhone 6; I used to have a Sony Android mobile. I changed over to Apple because everyone I am in contact with has an iPhone and I also own an iPad. Wouldn’t it create problems with compatibility if I changed back to Android with a Samsung phone?

2 replies

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Hey @Floss88

My personal opinion is "Android all the way" but I understand how hard might be for some people to give up ease of use when they rely on iCloud. Your transition should not be not that difficult as all your data can be transferred to Samsung phone by using app called "Smart Switch". Since you had previous experience with Android it won't be like diving into deep waters for you either. Are you considering S10 or something more budget friendly?
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My opinion no but you will lose some functionality but it depends on if you use these functionality is that it will affect you if you use iCloud on all devices then some of your pictures may not be on your new device but there is app out you can use to pop on no problem Google pictures is great for backing up on your android device and on your iPhone as well so if you’re running out of storage this would be a good idea