Are wireless chargers worth it? What's the pros and cons?

  • 5 March 2019
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I've heard and seen alot about wireless chargers especially for Samsung, they seem pretty straight forward but are there any down sides? E.g. they use more electricity etc.

3 replies

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@H. Fletcher

Hi, i'm currently using a samsung wireless charger and i find it to be very convenient to just place the device on the pad while i'm busy working away.
I do however use wired when i need access to the phone. You can just use the USB-C cable from the charge pad and place streight into your phone. Takes no time at all and saves you running around looking for your charger.

Wireless chargers support fast charging now and they are very fast but charging directly from a cable will likely always be quicker.

I haven't noticed any overheating or anything like that using mine. Also my Samsung pads have a fan built into the base for cooling. Thought this does create a little noise, not much thought. You only hear it engage in a quiet room.

As for energy consumption, i believe they arn't as efficient as wired but not sure on the numbers.

Hope this helps you in some way 🙂
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In my opinion they aren't even wireless chargers seeing as you need to have the wireless charger connected to the mains and the phone must be placed on the charger. They tend to be more expensive than normal chargers. They will need to be lined up properly with the wireless charger also or it can take longer to charge than by a conventional charger.
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Hi @H. Fletcher

I am not using and I will never use wireless charging because to me this is the least convenient way of charging. When you charging your phone using wireless charger, back of your handset needs to touch charging pad so you are not able to pickup your phone to check notifications without disrupting charging process. I prefer to keep it charging on the cable without disruption even when I want to check notifications.

Kind Regards