Calendar sychronisation

  • 1 September 2018
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My Huawei p20 lite will not sync properly to my windows pc diary.

If I put an appointment in my google calendar from phone OR pc [windows 10] it appears in the Microsoft calendar Version 16005.10730.20064.0. It also appears in the Huawei calendar app.

If I put an appointment into google calendar from phone or pc it appears int he microsoft calndar on my pc. and in the Huawei calnedar app.

If I put an appointment into my Mcirosoft calendar app on my pc it appears on both phone and google calendar.

BUT if I put an appointment into the calendar app on my phone it DOES appear in google calendar but does NOT appear in the Microsoft calendar in my pc.
Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

1 reply

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Hey @briankaye,

Have you tried checking the settings of the device?
It may be worth contacting Huawei about this.

Failing that, if the handset was purchased from us, try popping into your local Carphone Warehouse store to see if a member of staff can take a closer look.

I'll leave this open for anyone else to weigh in on this.