cannot make or receive calls

  • 24 July 2020
  • 3 replies

Cannot make or receive calls is ID mobile down? or would this be a problem with my pixel 3 phone?

3 replies

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Hi @PhoneHome,

Sorry to hear that you are unable to make or receive calls.

Was your iD Mobile SIM working in the handset fine before? Have you tried resetting your network settings on the handset?

It may be worth checking your iD Mobile coverage at the link below:

Also could you please try the SIM card inside a different handset and let us know if this makes any difference to the issues?




Thanks. The SIM works fine in another phone. Sims from other networks work fine in this phone so it's a problem with the ID mobile SIM it seems 

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Hi @PhoneHome,


When you insert the iD Mobile SIM into the handset do you get any coverage bars or are you able to use data without any issues?

Could you please try inserting the SIM card into the handset and manually selecting the network through your network setting? To do this access your network settings and turn off ‘Automatically select network’ from there manually select the iD Mobile network.