Different number showing when texting

  • 26 October 2020
  • 3 replies

Hi, my numbers different when texting on Samsung s20 5g, any suggestions?  Am.i missing a setting ?

3 replies

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Hello @Stewart mcallister,

That’s odd, usually this is common with iPhones but first time I’ve come across it for a non-iPhone.


Can we just confirm, have you just joined iD Mobile and ported your number over or just joined with a new number?


Or have you been an existing customer for some time?


What happens if you text your own number? (the one you believe should be on the account).

What does the iD app/account show for your current number? 



Yeah just joined id and ported number over.

Friends were saying my number was unavailable.

I messaged id and they said it was an issue with the sim , the new number that would appear when texting was connected to the sim.

Since got a blank sim, so hopefully resolved now.




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Hey @Stewart mcallister, just checking in to see if the new SIM fixed things?


Thank you,