Green box round all questions and a voice giving instructions to press twice to get to the next stage

  • 15 August 2018
  • 2 replies

When I try to get to do anything on my Lenovo phone I get a green box round any text and a voice instructing me to press twice to action any request. I can't scroll or swipe to get to a point where I could use that instruction!

2 replies

Hi Kevin, Thanks for your lovely response. It's very kind of you to offer such a good service. However, I took my phone to carphone warehouse yesterday and you are right, it was something I'd turned on in error. The clever guy in the shop had it fixed in seconds. ID mobile and Carphone Warehouse are a great team. My Lenovo phone is not so great. I can't wait until my contract runs out in April to change it. I've been diagnosed with dementia and the thing that is most annoying is not being able to undertake a series of instructions. So, if something goes wrong (which it often does with this phone) I'm not able to fix it. 8 months and counting down!
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Hi @bigpurse

What is the model of the Lenovo phone you're using?

It sounds like it could be some sort of accessibility/ ease of use setting on your phone that has been turned on somehow.

If you could tell us which phone it is, we'll try and pool together some knowledge on what instructions you need to deactivate whatever that setting could be within your phone.