Help - I can not cancel contract

  • 11 January 2021
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I am unable to cancel my plan using the iD Mobile App or My Account online - how can i cancel my account as i am occurring extra charges and i set it up in error?

 i am not getting any help with online chats - please help i keeping going around in circles with chats and agents.

I cancelled the direct debit in error but i can not get onto the 1D app to pay the bill

I can not use the sim card to receive pin codes to re-cactivate my account in the app or on-line as the service has been cancelled and the contact umber given on the email has been cancelled due to covid restrictions

Please help i just want to pay my bill (£12) and cancel the contract.

1 reply

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Hi @Milliedog1 

We are sorry to hear you have been unable to cancel your sim contract through the iD app and online. We will send you a Private Message so we can help with this.