How to use a Micro SD card

  • 4 March 2019
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Anyone know how to use a micro sd once i put one in a s7 edge, thanks

4 replies

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Define use please. Do you want it to act like internal storage? Do you want to put your photos or spotify songs on there?

Once you insert it it should mount to the phone and be ready to use. You can check if this is the case via settings -> storage and there should be a portable storage catergory underneath you device storage, and it will show if the sd card is there, how much space is free on it, and give you the option to dismount it.
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Just to add to the above, you might need to format the card before it can be used in the same area as the above post mentions.

In your camera app and some apps like Amazon Music, there is usually a setting for where to store files by default, they will usually be set to "internal" by default, but you'll probably want to change this setting to use the memory card so you can use your phone's internal memory for apps only, while your downloaded music and any photos you've taken get stored on the SD card.
Thanks for the advice, i wanted to change photo storage to the card
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Thanks for the advice, i wanted to change photo storage to the card

Ah, in that case you'll definitely want to check your camera app settings. This article explains it if you're unsure (problem #3):