Huawei P20 Lite or the Mate Lite?

do i go for the huawei p20 lite or the huawei mate lite?

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Hi @andyg26

It very hard to advise between these two because each of them has its prons and cons and represent pretty good value for money. P20 Lite is a little bit smaller and lighter than Mate 20 Lite but has smaller battery (3000mah against 3750mah respectively). Camera, Gaming and overall performance will be very very similar on both handsets therefore choosing more suitable design is the decision you need to make.

Maybe pop in to your nearest Carphone Warehouse to see if you will be able to see them live to help you decide.

what about the honor 10 lite
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Honor 10 lite is very similar to these two other phones mentioned above, one thing that puts Honor device in front is newest edition of Android out of the box. You can here Android Pie instead of Android Oreo like in Huawei P20 lite and Mate 20 Pro. All other features will be very very similar.

I personally use Honor Play for my mobile gaming and photography and I am really satisfied with it. Battery life on many Huawei/Honor devices is just great.

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Pro for me as it has NFC (for android pay)