Id SIM not enebling wifi calling on Samsung A3 2017

  • 20 December 2019
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After researching the iD wifi calling phone compatibility test, I settled on a Samsung A3 2017.  When I try the iD Mobile SIM, I don’t get prompted for any setting updates, and WiFi Calling is not shown as an available option under phone settings.  As soon as I insert a BT SIM, immediately I have the WiFi calling options.  The phone is unlocked, I can make calls on iD, but the phone doesn’t “read” that wifi calling is available with this SIM.  Yes, I’ve read every other related Samsung & wifi calling post here, I’ve done all the recommended steps as silly as they seem, so I ask that I not get the same non-applicable answers cut & pasted here, I’ve wasted enough of my time & money on this so far.  This scenario is not addressed here, nor is it mentioned on the Phone compatibility page, which it should be.

2 replies

PS - To add to the confusion, iD lists phones compatible with it’s network, ( but it doesn’t include some of the phones on the WiFi compatible page (   Now I’m wasting time looking at Firmware versions, because you know, that’s what my mom would do when her phone won’t work.

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Hi @chrisval,

I am sorry to hear about the issue you’re facing with our WiFi calling service. Which troubleshooting steps have you undertaken, just so that we don’t go over the same ones when we try to resolve this for you, and did you manage to update the software/firmware on the device?

In regards to the network compatibility list, some phones will appear on the first list whereas they won’t appear on the WiFi calling list as some phones may not have the feature and therefore, won't be on our list of compatible WiFi calling enabled phones. Your Samsung A3 2017 is listed so it should be working fine on paper.