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  • 30 October 2019
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My wife has never installed any updates on her Nokia 1 Android and now suddenly can’t receive text messages from Australia.How can we rectify this?

4 replies

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Hi @Safehands,


Do you know what the sender is seeing when they send the message? There shouldn’t be anything blocking the message from our side, however the contact may have been blocked on the phone if the setting was chosen by accident. 

Also, when you mentioned that updates have never been installed, has an update since been done?



Hi Ryan

my daughter in Australia sees the message my wife sends her and sends a reply which my wife never gets.

we have checked that she is not blocked on my wife’s phone 

we have never installed any updates on the phone and all notifications have been deleted (bad idea!)

Thanks for taking an interest 


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Hello @Safehands,

Can you check the SMSC centre number in the Message Settings and confirm which number shows?

Can you also try getting your Wife to text herself?



Hi @Safehands I would definitely suggest getting in contact with Nokia's support team, they may be able to assist you with that as anything update wise is to do with Nokia and not the carrier.