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  • 11 March 2020
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Hi I am an ID customer with a SIM only contract. I have purchased a second hand mobile and been informed it was previously on ID network and unlock. 

After setting the phone up I have found the phone comes back not registered on a network with every SIM I install and have done an imei check and discovered the phone is imei locked.

Is it possible to get the phones imei unblacklisted so I can use it with my ID SIM at all please or what do I need to do?

Many thanks

4 replies

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Hello @Ade moonie 


Unfortunately this is the risk you take when you buy second hand phone. It has been blacklisted because previous owner did not pay his contract, has been stolen or reported lost through insurance. Only way to make it work is to contact previous owner as phone will be still tight to his name and ask him to make it right. Unfortunately iD Mobile won't be able to do anything with the blacklist issue as this is tight to IMEI number of the device. 


Kind Regards


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Howdy @Ade moonie 

@Gregor is on the money here, if the phone has previously been blacklisted.  Then that would imply the phone has been reported as lost or stolen.

Unless the original owner undoes that, it would remain blacklisted we’re sorry to say.


If possible you need to speak to the seller through whichever shop/ marketplace you purchased it in hopes of a refund or further help with that there.

it occurred the same issue to me.. just that now the shop is closed for lockdown

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Hi there @claudio689 

Could you give us some more details as to the problem specifically that you’re facing?

The more you can tell us the better we can help here.