Mr scott

  • 21 May 2020
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I am unable to make or receive calls or text messages


My phone is OK on Internet WhatsApp etc. 


It still doesn't let me make calls or texts when I use my mobile network or wifi

4 replies

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Hi @Hereord1 

Sorry to hear you are having connection issues. 

The quickest way to get a good idea of the coverage in your area(s) would be to pop your postcode in our online Coverage Checker here.

Have you tried the SIM in another phone? 

Let us know. 



Yes i have tried this in another phone which was already on an d network. It still does not work. Its a new sim card. If this carries on I will have to leave id

I have no problem with coverage. The fault is definitely the sim card

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Hello @Hereord1,


I’ve PMed you with how we can send you a new SIM card to replace the potentially faulty one.