My new phone needs a nano SIM

  • 4 March 2021
  • 2 replies

I’ve just got a new phone and it only takes a nano SIM card. I’ve been with ID mobile for a while now and the SIM card I have is only a micro SIM. I’ve tried using the live chat to ask for a nano SIM to be sent out but it just keeps telling me that ID mobile SIMs are already nano SIMs (my one isn’t).

How can I get ID to send out a nano SIM to replace my existing one?

2 replies

Upon closer examination of the SIM card there is, in fact, a nano-sized section that can be popped out. You can ignore this question.

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No worries @mjkaye.


Cheers for the update. If ever you do need anything in the future though, you’re in the right place right here.