New Samsung A30 refuses to register on network

I have a rolling sim only deal with ID mobile, but my new phone refuses to register with Id. Some things I tested, which conforms its an issue with Id Mobile:

  • Phone works with Three sim/network (same as Id Mobile). So its not network or locked.
  • Sim works on old phone which is a Samsung J7 Pro.
  • Tried both sim slots on the A30 swapping with the Three sim; there is nothing wrong with the sim slots on the phone.
  • A30 is brand new unlocked never opened box.
  • Tried sim on its own.
  • Tried switching to 3g/2g rather than 4g/3g/2g auto.
  • Tried a different Id sim; same issue.
Appears I am being blocked from using the phone, even though I don't have a phone contract with Id and they seem to be blocking Samsung A series phones obtained from other sources?

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Guess I'll need to call 777 and see if they can help me. Hope I don't have to wait too long on the phone.
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Howdy @armunro and welcome to the iD Mobile Community here.

First up, we're sorry to hear of the troubles you've faced with the iD Mobile SIM vs your new Samsung A30.

So that we can potentially troubleshoot the problems here, we'd need some further details.

Where was it that you purchased the Samsung A30?
In the old Samsung that your iD Mobile SIM works in, does that work fine with all services (texts/ calls/ data)?
I called 7777 and they could not help me. Also went into a Carphone Warehouse shop and they could not help too.

Absolutely no problems with both Id Mobile sims I tried installed in my old Samsung J7 Pro.Both sims work with all services.

Phone was bought on ebay. It is brand new. Seems it was originally destined for the Middle East/Africa region, but on factory reset it seems to be setup for the UK. As advised works perfectly with a Three sim and seller says they work fine on all uk mobile networks (apart from Id Mobile which they seem not to have tested). On his listing he has sold 45 of them; I suspect he has multiple listings so maybe he has sold hundreds of them? Thus I don't think he would be able to sell so many of them if they didn't work on UK networks. Which brings me back to my original point: there is something odd with using them on Id Mobile; maybe the network does not recognize them and refuses to register them?

I have packed the phone up ready to send back to the seller on ebay. Such a shame as it was a birthday present for my wife.

Some time back I worked in telco for mobile phone companies; I am sure someone could have troubleshooted it on the mobile network; all the data generated on the networks is logged.
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In my experience, phoning customer service has proved to be useless for anything slightly technical.

When you plug in the iD SIM, can you go into mobile network > network operators and select manually? If you can select iD from here, does it give you a meaningful error message?

I have no experience with the phone in question, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of support provided so far so I'm just shooting from the hip!