No mobile data? Own an Xperia? Look no forward!

  • 7 April 2018
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I had this weird issue on my Xperia Z5, and thanks to @Mohammed from iD Mobile, we have seem to have solved the issue.

Essentially the Android OS on certain phones (such as OnePlus and a couple of Sony Xperia's) are having issues connecting to the mobile data, even though the APN's are correct and have been set multiple times.

The issues lies somewhere with the implementation that handles the APN configuration which is not being applied correctly, it seems to have been fixed on the Xperia XZ but not on the Z5.

If you have attempted to manually remove the current APN settings and added the APN settings manually provided by iD then you can perform this reset.

This fix will likely work with other Android phones which have the 'Reset Network Settings' which are located on different settings pages, check out your device's manufacturer support website for assistance finding it. I believe it is a relatively new setting on Android devices, so not all will have it!

The network settings reset will perform the following on an Xperia smartphone (running Android Nougat):
  • Allows background data sync.
  • Clears mobile data limits.
  • Deletes all Wi-Fi®️ SSIDs.
  • Disconnects all tethered interfaces.
  • Forgets paired devices.
  • Removes all app data restrictions.
  • Sets network selection mode to automatic.
  • Sets preferred mobile network type to the best available.
  • Turns off Airplane mode.
  • Turns off Bluetooth®️.
  • Turns off data roaming.
  • Turns off mobile hotspot.
  • Turns off VPN.
  • Turns on mobile data.
  • Turns on Wi-Fi®️.
In order to reset the network configuration, perform the following steps (taken from Xperia Support):

[h4]Android™️ 8.0[/h4]

To clear all connection data

  1. Find and tap Settings > Network & Internet.
  2. Tap the menu button (three vertical dots) > Network settings reset > RESET SETTINGS.

[h4]Android™️ 7.0, 7.1 or 7.1.1[/h4]

To clear all connection data

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
  2. Find and tap Settings > More.
  3. Find and tap Network settings reset, then tap RESET SETTINGS.

[h4]Android™️ 6.0[/h4]

To clear all connection data

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
  2. Find and tap Settings > Backup & reset > Network settings reset.
  3. Find and tap RESET SETTINGS.

In my case, I took a backup of my WiFi networks so these are not lost, and for Bluetooth devices, you'll also loose any saved so do ensure to reconnect them after the reset.

On the Xperia Z5, perform the following:

1. Go to your settings application

2. Launch the backup & restore activity

3. Perform a manual backup

4. Go back to your previous settings application and tap on the 'more' activity

5. Perform the network settings reset

6. Confirm that the WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices and any other saved configurations will be remove

7. Go back to the settings application and launch the backup & restore activity

8. Perform the restore of the backup

Now on Xperia phones, this is how you can backup and restore WiFi networks after the network reset but other devices may not have the ability to restore WiFi networks! So use this as a last resort on other manufactures devices to ensure that you do not loose anything that you need. Do perform the manual addition of the APN settings before trying this out.

6 replies

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Hey Henri,

Nice seeing you on the community and great thread!
Very informative and lots of pictures!

Glad we could get to the bottom of this before.

I hope to see you around on the community more!

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No worries, it is nice to have an dedicated forum for customers who could find solutions to problems and it's great to help the non-tech savvy here.

It's a great idea and I hope future customers do make the use of it 🙂

Hello, I have a refurbish xperia XZ with similar issues. my old ohone is here too and SIm and network work fine on it. Upon placing my SIM in refurbished (unlocked) phone it wont connect to mobile network. Data is turned on and it connects to wifi fine, when i go to settings and search for ID mobile and click it to connect it says “unable to connect to network right now, please try again later” yet i swap the SIM and connects just fine so its not the network. I have then also tried to find out if phone is really unlocked. I put my wifes O2 SIM in and it connects and asks to download settings, i have also tried a giffgaff free SIM in it and again it connects. Why I cant I get it to connect to ID mobile???

An operator sent me APN settings for the phone and ive added a new APN and checked the other settings and it still wont connect.


Im thinkingit maybe me or refurbished phones, as I had another few weeks ago from different company, again unlcoked but a Xperia Z3 and had exact same issue with same SIM, so i sent it back and tried different phone different company same SIM, now i have the same issue??????


any ideas?

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Hi there @Mikebudd 

What network SIM’s have you tried in the phone that work?  Is it just O2 and GiffGaff?  Giffgaff run off the O2 network (like we do on the Three network).  So I’m curious as to whether it could potentially just be O2/ GiffGaff that are working here?


In the Network settings, do other networks show up at all if you try and manually connect to a network?

My phone i bought i tried my ID SIM which would connect, yet it found it when i went to settings and selected “manually select networks” ID mobile appears and gives me the option to connect, when i click connect it says “unabale to connect please try later” yet if i put the SIM in my original phone i got from ID mobile it connects fine so its not the network. I then tried O2 as mentioned and giff gaf SIM and both connect. 

2nd - Then as a second test I put my ID mobile SIM into my wife phone which is O2, my ID mobile SIM worked so her phone must be unlocked, this phone also accepted O2 SIM and Gifgaff so that goes back to just my Xperia XZ that wouldnt accept the ID Mobile SIM and my original phone an Xperia 10 that accepts it but the XZ would not.


Ive now given up sold both my xperia 10 and XZ that i just received and got the same phone as my wife Iphone SE 2020 as that accepts the ID SIM and its great, stupid issues lol

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That’s great to hear things are working fine now in the end Mike.

Generally speaking, if you had of contacted O2 or Giff Gaff (whichever one it was locked too) they should have been able to unlock the phone for you as needed.