Nokia 7.1 "CP Client" notifications

  • 16 July 2019
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Hi all,

Yesterday I bought an unlocked Nokia 7.1 and put my iD SIM in it. It worked fine in the evening, but today (starting around noon) I occasionally get these odd notifications that you can see in the first screenshot I have attached:
"CP Client
New provisioning message"

If I then tap on the notification, it then comes up with another message, which can be seen in the second screenshot:
"New Provisioning
Do you want to apply new configuration?"
With options for "Postpone", "Delete" and "OK".

If I tap on OK, I get a prompt for a PIN (screenshot 3). It will accept any PIN there, as long as it's 4 digits.

These notifications pop up about every half hour, I think, and they're rather irritating. I've looked into solutions to stop it from happening (for example the instructions here: which can also be found here: and on various other sites), but when I try to force stop the CP Client app on my phone, nothing happens (and the disable button is greyed out - see attachment 4).

Does anyone have any ideas for resolving this issue?

Technical details:
Model: Nokia 7.1 (TA -1100)
Android Version: 9 (Security Patch 1 June 2019)
Build number 00WW_3_54E

Best answer by umi 21 July 2019, 17:11

Update: I responded to the notifications using a PIN of 1234, and I think it's cleared it all up. Thanks guys!
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5 replies

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Hello @umi,

Pleased to hear this worked!

Thanks for confirming this for us here.
We've marked the topic as resolved.

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Update: I responded to the notifications using a PIN of 1234, and I think it's cleared it all up. Thanks guys!
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Thanks for the responses. I'll try terrywebbs' solution for a day and see if that resolves it, otherwise, I'll try Phil's answer. I'll get back to you tomorrow.
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Hi umi

If this doesn't work, take a look in the settings to configure the APN, the required settings are as follows.

Name iD
APN id

MMS Proxy
MMS APN Username
MMS APN Password
MMS Port 8799

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Hi welcome to the ID Community

The ID Mobile network is sending you updates to the APN settings for internet and sms text setup
Until it updates with the new settings you may continue to get them.
Try pin

this might stop it...

If it's greyed out it usual means it's a system app and is protected, so unless you have root access you may not be able to disable this app.