problems with verifying my number


Sorry I have had a problem just in the last hour or so with verifying my number on my phone for chat features I'm not too sure what has happened

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Hi @Charley 160894,


Could you please describe how the problem is manifesting itself? Have any particular error messages popped up at all? 



Hello.  The problem that I can't verify my phone number whatsoever.  Just can't see who's reading my messages with chat features. No error messages.           Charlotte








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HI @Charley 160894 

Which chat feature are you trying to use? Are you able to send/receive text messages on the phone? 


The text messages. I can do a screenshot of what I mean. Yes I can still receive and send text messages.



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Hello @Charley 160894,

Are you referring to RCS messaging?

I believe this feature isn't supported which would be why you’re unable to use this feature.