PUK number when no live agents..

  • 16 September 2019
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How do I get a PUK number, I've just locked myself out and there are no live chat agents...

Why is this information not available in the account settings?

2 replies

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Hello @delta32

Nowadys Sim Cards as default does not come with Pin Code setup, therefore they don't need PUK code as default. With all other ways that you can lock your phone and ability to quickly report your sim lost or stolen within the app settings, Pin and Puk are slowly becoming things of the past. This is why, I think all networks, does not provide these codes anymore.

I could recommend you to send private message to iD Mobile facebook page. Someone should get back to you within 2 hours and you can avoid waiting for live chat agent available.

Kind Regards
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Hello @delta32,

If you still need to get the PUK code and haven't managed to get it from our Facebook page, you can always email us and we'll be able to retrieve this for you.