Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date?

  • 7 March 2019
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When is the Samsung galaxy fold coming out and will there be Tempered glass screen protectors for it?

2 replies

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Hello there @KumaylB

The Samsung Galaxy Fold seems to be set for a release over here around May from the looks of it. Though we don't have a concrete date for that just yet.

The best we could advise would be to check in on our website nearer to the time, or keep your eye on any phone industry news sites over the coming months. More should be known on the kinds of accessories you can purchase for the phone as time goes on too.
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Hi @KumaylB

From what i've read so far, it seems most screen protectors won't work for it.
It's likely Samsung will develop one that does work like they currently do with the S10.

I've found a great little article which goes into this a little bit if you fancy a little read.

Hope this helps :)
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