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Tis is a conversation on what phone brand is the best . In my opinion I think that samsung is the best brand of phone because of its long lasting battery life and how simple and powerful it is .
I also like Huawei but I would choose samsung over it . Please like and comment what your favourite phone brand is .


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My favourite brand is Sony. Not only for mobile phones but overall. Currently I use XZ1 Compact but in the past I had S, E1, Z3 Compact, L1 and XZ. I like Xperia devices due to its adaptive charging feature (Which basically means that I can plug my phone charging over night and phone will prevent battery from being damaged due to overcharging) and long update support. My second best brand could be Nokia thanks to amazing prices, build quality and quick updates.
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They are very good points but I prefer samsung but I can't change your mind on your favourite phone .