Smart Lock not working

  • 4 March 2019
  • 1 reply

On my Samsung s7edge, the Smart Lock has stopped working.. so that when I am at home, ie my trusted place, I still have to put in the PINeach time I want to get to the home screen from idle mode.
It used to work fine, but I think there is a discrepancy with the GPS, as sometimes it puts in a neighbours address.. but even if I type my address in correctly it still doesn’t work.
any help would be appreciated, thank you .

1 reply

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I recommend that you first going into settings->google->location if possible with your device, and then turn it on and it should give you a mode option. Click on that and select high accuracy, and turn on your location and wi-fi and potentially bluetooth, as it uses these 3 things & your mobile network to detemine your location.

If this doesn't work, tell me and I'll try and think of something else to fix this issue.