Voicemail Notification on Note 9 [dual sim]

  • 15 February 2019
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Since joining ID I am not able to get a notification on my Note 9 when I get a voicemail. All I can get is a text message telling me I have a voicemail.

I have checked when I go to: phone > setting > voicemail > SIM1 Notifications : that all notifications setting are set correctly and exactly the same as the setting for the SIM2 (which does get a notification)

I have been told by Samsung that the problem is with ID and to contact them. But when I talk to them, they were no help whatsoever.

Is anyone here able to help?

3 replies

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Hello @scottg69,

Can you clarify what you mean by notification? Wouldn't the text be considered the notification that you have a voicemail.

Are you referring to a/the Voicemail app on your Note 9?

I believe this is Visual Voicemail which isn't a supported feature on the iD network.
Your Voicemails would go to your voicemail inbox and the normal method of notification is a text.

If I've misunderstood can you send us a screenshot(s) to clarify?

Hi Mohammed, I am not talking about visual voicemail. It's just simple voicemail notifications that has been on mobiles ever since I first had one. See below for two examples of where you get these notifications. The first is showing voicemails on SIM2 in the notification area, the second is on the lockscreen. I don't get the same for SIM1 (ID)

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Hi @scottg69,

Thanks for those.

Are you able to just use the iD SIM card in the phone and then have a new voicemail sent to you to see if the notification appears? Someones with Dual-SIM handsets, we find that there can be a conflict between some of the services which can cause small issues.

If the notifications still fail to come through, try the iD SIM card inside another phone to see if this makes any difference.