Wi-Fi Calling - Motorola G6 Play - Wi-Fi Calling Setting Disappears.

  • 26 November 2019
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I’m looking to migrate from Plusnet to iDmobile and want to use Wi-Fi Calling as I’m in a poor signal area, and Plusnet won’t support Wi-Fi Calling.

Although not on the iDmobile supported phones list I thought I had a good chance it would be OK as my Motorola G6 Play had a Wi-Fi Calling setting within the setting menu structure, and t’interweb hinted it would be OK as more phones would work than were actually on the list.

However, when I change to the iDmobile SIM card, the Wi-Fi Calling On/Off setting completely disappears from the settings menu. If I swap back to the Plusnet SIM card the setting magically re-appears.

So there is clearly a link between the SIM card itself and the settings menu. So I’m left with the situation where the Plusnet SIM shows the Wi-Fi Calling setting, but Plusnet does not support it, and the iDmobile SIM Card where iDmobile supports Wi-Fi Calling, but their SIM card removes the option to turn Wi-Fi Calling on in the phones settings, so I can’t turn it on to see if it works!

Does anyone know why the iDmobile SIM card disables the “Wi-Fi Calling” settings in the phones settings menu, and if there is anything I can do about it?

2 replies

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Hi @SplittingDistant,

This will happen because our WiFi calling feature does not support that model of handset at this time. Sorry about that!


Darn it, I thought you were going to say that….. :joy:

Just for a minute I thought I’d found my Ideal mobile phone provider - Wi-Fi Calling, Data Rollover & cheaper than my existing provider.

I took a punt that my Motorola G6 Play might be supported generically as I know other providers support them, and the phone actually had the right settings in it’s menu.

But it wasn’t to be, and I’m left having to cancel two contracts with iDmobile (my better half also has the same phone) and go back to my existing unsatisfactory provider who can at least provide a signal in some parts of the house, which iDmobile can’t (more on that later).

It does leave me wondering how difficult must it be for iDmobile to support phones like the Motorola G6 Play, when the G6 range is very widely used and (I’m guessing here!) perhaps 25% of mobile phone users have some difficulty making mobile calls in every room in their houses which might be overcome by Wi-Fi Calling.

I’ve not managed to find any explanation of why iDmobile cannot support certain phones, is it a licensing thing?  I know it cannot be Software or Hardware as my phone will Wi-Fi Call on other networks (all waaay too expensive for me!). It would be nice to know why we can’t just ask iDmobile to support our phones.

Also, I would like to moan about the complete inaccuracy of the iDmobile Coverage Checker in relation to my location (poetry!) - according to your checker I should have a good signal inside my house. In reality I get no signal indoors what-so-ever, and even outside the signal is unusable and unstable.


But thanks for the information Ryan. It’s just a pity that it all didn’t pan out for me.