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Getting Ready for 5G

  • 31 March 2021
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Getting Ready for 5G
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What is 5G?


5G is the next generation of mobile network technology. It follows on from 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. But it’s not just an uninventively named sequel. Get ready for even faster data speeds, better connectivity in busy places and less buffering when watching films or making video calls.


What are the benefits of 5G?


Speed Better Connectivity Less Lag
With average speeds up to 9x faster than 4G, you can download apps and stream high-res movies in seconds. 5G will enhance our existing 4G and 3G networks to provide a more reliable connection, even in peak demand. No more 'laggy' video calls with family, on 5G everything you do is super-smooth.



Accessing 5G on iD Mobile


To enjoy lightning quick 5G, you need a phone that can support it. Many big-name Android brands have already released 5G devices, including Samsung, Oppo, Huawei and LG, with more expected to launch later this year.

You can find the list of all our 5G enabled phones on the iD 5G network: Device compatibility article. 


5G FAQs:


Do existing iD Mobile customers get 5G?


Absolutely. 5G is available for free for all iD Mobile customers!


What network will iD Mobile 5G run on?


All iD Mobile services runs on Three’s network, and they’re building the UK’s fastest 5G network!

To provide a true 5G network you need 100MHz of 5G ‘spectrum’ (the bandwidth networks need to send and receive data). Three have 140MHz and are the only UK network to have that much. The next closest (Vodafone) has 50MHz with O2 and EE offering 40MHz.

With more than double the spectrum, Three’s 5G network will be faster and able to handle more data – good news for iD Mobile customers!


Does my phone support 5G on iD?


To enjoy lightning quick 5G, you need a phone that can support it. Many big-name Android brands have already released 5G devices, including Samsung, Oppo, Huawei and LG, with more expected to launch later this year.

The list above, of officially supported phones guaranteed to work on iD Mobile's 5G network. If you're phone is not on the list, there's no need to worry. We're working to offically roll out 5G to as many phones as possible over the coming months.

Please note: 5G is not currently available on iPhone; however, we're working hard to get it live as soon as possible!


Can I get 5G in my area?


As well as a 5G enabled device that is officially supported by iD Mobile (see above), you’ll need to be in an area covered by our 5G network. You can check if your area has 5G by using our network coverage checker.


How can I connect to 5G on my Android phone?


If your 5G enabled android phone is supported by iD Mobile's 5G network, you should automatically connect when in a 5G area.

If your phone does not connect to 5G, please check the following:

  • Check that the device software is up to date - You can do this by checking your phone settings.
  • Check that 5G is enabled on your phone - this varies depending on what device you have, but here's a quick guide on how to check:


  • Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Network mode > select (5G/4G/3G/2G (Auto Connect)


  • Go to Settings > Mobile network > Select Mobile data > Enable 5G

Once you've done the above, you might need to give your phone a quick restart by turning it off and on again.


How can I get 5G on my iPhone?


5G on iPhone is not yet supported on our network but it's coming soon! Check back here for updates over the coming months.


What is the difference between 4G and 5G?


The most significant difference you’ll see when you switch from 4G to 5G is speed. You’ll be able to do everything you do now, but much faster! Where 4G had a maximum download speed of 300Mbps, 5G can achieve an impressive 10Gbps! So, you can download a movie as you run for the train, enjoy perfect video calling when you’re out and about and email large attachments while you work on the go.

However, 5G isn’t a replacement for 4G and 3G. It’s an extra layer on top that provides an even better network. So, where you can’t get 5G, you’ll still get a great 3G or 4G service to keep you connected.


Can I use 5G abroad?


If you have a 5G enabled phone and are travelling in a location where 5G coverage is already available, you’ll be able to use 5G data. See what destinations are covered in our Inclusive Roaming


Will 5G use more data?


5G doesn’t use any more data than 3G or 4G. However, as it’s so much faster, you may find yourself using your phone (and therefore data) more. A more generous data plan would allow you to take full advantage of what 5G has to offer.


What if I don’t have a 5G enabled phone?


Unfortunately, 5G requires a 5G enabled phone for you access it. But don’t worry! We’re working with our network provider to ensure our 3G and 4G services are providing the best coverage possible. And don’t forget we already offer Wi-Fi Calling, letting you make calls from your phone over Wi-Fi if you don’t have great reception indoors.


How do I know when I’ve got 5G?


You’ll know that you have got 5G when the ‘5G’ icon appears at the top of your screen. This will usually sit next to the signal bar if your mobile data is turned on.

The ‘5G’ icon will not appear if you are connected to your Wi-Fi, so you’ll need to disconnect from the Wi-Fi before checking if you are getting 5G coverage.


Can I opt out of 5G?


If you have a 5G capable Android device, you can turn off 5G in your phone’s “Mobile networks” settings. Please visit your phone manufacturers website if you require more detailed instructions.


Is 5G safe?


Safety has always been a priority for us, so we can assure you that our 5G is safe to use. 5G follows the same health and safety guidelines as 4G, 3G and 2G. Ofcom carries out extensive tests to ensure mobile phone signals are emitted in safe levels for people to use.


Can I get unlimited 5G data?


Yes, if you have a 5G capable phone, are in a 5G zone and are on a plan with unlimited data, you can enjoy unrestricted streaming, browsing or downloading.


Terms and Conditions:

iD 5G is available on selected 5G compatible phones only.

Coverage depends on location.

4G vs 5G speeds based on fastest average median download speeds tested across 16 cities in RootMetrics UK 5G 2020 report

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