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iD Community News and Updates - August 2021

  • 26 July 2021
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iD Community News and Updates - August 2021
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It’s that time again for a roundup of all things iD Community. So, what’s been happening around here over the past month?


Our Community is Growing...

Firstly, we’re very close to breaking a big landmark – our humble community is nearly 50,000 strong! We’ve seen nearly 2000 new joiners since our last update (welcome to all of you!), and loads of you are getting stuck in, replying to questions and topics. We love to see it.

We’re also excited to see who the next iD Superhero will be? Think you’ve got what it takes? Keep chatting away and showcasing your knowledge on here and you’ll be well on your way!


Service Notifications:

As we’ve mentioned here before, we’re on a constant mission to make the Community feel as easy to use as possible, and that means making a few tweaks here and there.

You may have seen banners at the top of the iD Community home page over the course of July, notifying you about service maintenance, outages, and potentially harmful SMS messages. This is our way to communicate as quickly as possible to you, our customers, whenever there’s anything important you should know. Now, we’re making it clearer.

When we inform you about things like this in future, you’ll see a yellow banner at the top of the page with a customer notice message, letting you know what’s happening. We’ll completely remove the banner or turn it to green when these issues are resolved, so you’ll know the moment all services are back up and running.

Want to find our latest content or important Community announcements? We’ll also use the green banner to highlight new articles and competitions, so you can easily find the latest Community goings on.


Support Categories:

In last month’s update, we mentioned how we’ve added a separate Support Categories section at the top of the page. That’s where you can find the dropdown menu with all our Help & Advice content. Well now, we’re creating a page for it too! From here, you’ll be able to find our whole knowledge base, everything from Switching info, upgrading your plan, FAQs to understanding your bill.

It’s just another way we’re making it simpler to navigate to the content you need. Watch this space…


The most popular category last month was…

Device & Phone Support

Wi-Fi calling

We’ve had a number of posts recently asking how to set up Wi-Fi calling, and how to know if it’s working.

Wi-Fi calling is there to help whenever you’re experiencing a poor signal while speaking to somebody. When the signal dips, your Wi-Fi maintains the call quality provided you have a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can also use it to send SMS messages in signal blackspots around your home, so it’s a great way to stay connected.

Setting Wi-Fi calling up is easy, and you’ll know it’s working if you’re enjoying consistently clear calls even when your notification bar shows the signal’s low. To find out exactly how to get started, and to check if your device is compatible with iD Mobile Wi-Fi calling, check out our handy guide.



We’re excited for 5G to transform how we connect with each other, and it’s great to see so many of you are, too. It’s no secret that we’re in the process of rolling out our 5G network across the country, and you’ll see super-fast connectivity available in more and more places over the coming months.

Quite a few iD Community members have asked if the phone they want to buy is compatible with iD Mobile’s 5G network. Some phones are awaiting approval for 5G compatibility on iD Mobile, while others are available on 5G speed right now. Check out our up-to-date list of phones with iD Mobile 5G access.

Don’t panic if you buy a 5G phone that’s not approved for iD Mobile 5G! You can still use 4G signal as normal, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s approved. You’ll get a huge speed boost, at no extra cost.


July Community Newsletter:

Missed out on last month’s articles?  Here’s our featured content from July:


Not receiving the iD Community Newsletter? Well, simply log into the iD Mobile app, and go to the 'My Account' page, select 'Edit preferences' on the 'Keep me in the loop' tile, then select 'Email' and save your settings. Now you’ll be up to date with all the latest news, articles and competitions.


That’s everything for this month’s iD Community update. We hope you find the new service notification banners useful. Have a great August!

While you’re here, we’d love to know what you’d like to see in our monthly updates. If there’s any info or features you’d like to see on here, let us know – it’s your Community!

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