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Ukraine - Stay connected with calls & texts

  • 25 February 2022
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At iD mobile we are saddened by the unfolding situation in Ukraine and are keen to ensure that our customers stay connected to friends, family and loved ones during these uncertain times.  

As such, iD Mobile is currently offering free calls and texts to Ukraine based numbers for all UK customers. Additionally, any iD Mobile customers currently in Ukraine will get free calls, texts, and unlimited data. 

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

iD Mobile

3 replies

My internet keeps stopping working when out I use my WiFi at home but my mobile date doesnt work properly it works for maybe 10 minutes then says I have no inter Internet connection and I have 39mb left 

Are you in ukraine

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I stand with the people of Ukraine, but I also have loved ones and relatives in Russia who never asked for this war - why isn’t there a similar offer for those folks, especially if phone or text is their only line of communications (until Putin inplements martial law)?


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