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We’re updating the iD Mobile app…

  • 30 October 2020
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We’re updating the iD Mobile app…
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We’re updating the iD Mobile app…

We’ve got some big improvements coming to the iD Mobile app and My Account online in the not-too-distant future, and we thought we’d share them with you, the iD Community, right here.

These updates are set to expand what you can do on the iD Mobile app, fix existing bugs and refine pages so that you get the best possible experience. Here’s what you can expect from the latest iD Mobile app update:


Improved login

You asked and we listened! Biometric login is coming back to the iD Mobile app, and it’s working nice and smoothly this time around. That means that you’ll be able to use your phone’s facial recognition system or fingerprint scanner to gain fast, secure access to your iD Mobile account, just like you do to access your home screen and banking apps. No need to keep typing your username or password. Easy.

If you prefer not to use Biometric login, we’ve also fixed PIN login functionality so you can get straight into your account.

Optimised for the latest OS

It’s not out of the ordinary for apps to look a little ‘behind the times’ when new operating systems roll out across handsets. That’s why we’ve updated the look and feel of the iD Mobile app, so that it works seamlessly on Android 11 and iOS 14 software. Whether you use an iPhone or Android phone, you’ll have no issues getting to grips with our app and taking control of your account.

Billing page

We know that when you take a look at your billing page on the app, there’s a few things you want to know right away: how much your monthly bill comes to, when payment is due, and the breakdown of your out of plan charges. So, we’ve decluttered the billing page so you can easily see the information you need, whenever you need it.


What about My Account online? Well, that’s improved too! We’ve worked on reported bug fixes and made it much easier to activate a replacement SIM card whenever you need to. You’ll also have the option to make your password visible as you type when you log into My Account online.


Don’t forget, you can always set your phone to update apps automatically whenever you’re connected to WiFi. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out our tips to keep your phone’s software and apps up to date.

We can’t wait for you to see the changes we’ve made. What’s your favourite new app feature? What would you like to see in future? Let us know!

6 replies

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Hi there @gardenlover75 

Are you looking for our help with anything.

You’ve quoted a post there but added nothing yourself.  My guess is by mistake?

Let us know if you’re having issues that we can potentially help with here.


Thanks @georgieporgie.


Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the App?




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Thanks @georgieporgie.


Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the App?



Just says I am already using pin but goes back to log in every time

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Hi @georgieporgie,


Is there a particular error message that pops up when you try? What exactly is it that is preventing you?


The more we know, the quicker we can provide a fix.



I still cannot set a pin to login!!  Have been trying for ages.


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