We've Reached Over 25K iD Community Members - Competition Closed | Join the discussion, ask questions, share advice.

We've Reached Over 25K iD Community Members - Competition Closed

We've Reached Over 25K iD Community Members - Competition Closed

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My favourite thing is its very active and you can count on someone helping if you need it

Just nice to know that help is always there if I need it

ID mobile is brilliant , love the fact that  help us always at hand also love the competitions

A quantity of quizzical questions quietly and quintessentially quashed by a number of knowledgeable network nomads.

Thanks iD for great value, great service and connecting us together like this.

ID mobile has always been brilliant at sorting any query I’ve had, thank you and I’m so glad I’m with ID mobile 

My favourite thing is knowing that help is always there if I need it.

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I'm new here and the first thing that comes to mind about what is best;

Alllllll tthheeessseeee quuueeesstions that have been answereeeed!!!

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I’ve never needed to use it but it seems like a friendly, approachable community. If I ever needed to I would’ve hesitate to use it, it’s a piece of mind to know. 

All the answers I need…..here for me.

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I love the ID community as people are always so helpful. 

The best thing about the Id website is it’s speed and easy to use menu  It’s all there!

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It’s one of the few online support communities that isn’t bitchy. People here are genuinely helpful. That’s really something.

Being Based In Powys , It’s Great to finally have an network that works in Rural areas as well as a social Community available when needed . 

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People speak in plain understandable language and I can sort out my whole family’s bills in one place :-)

I’m new to the community and the thing I like about ID is that the community exists. The odd competition does hurt either.

The best thing about ID mobile community is the ability to find answers to all my questions in the fastest possible time. Thank you ID community. 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently reached a big milestone, we now have over 25,000 iD Community members. We’re proud to have an active Community with people getting involved by helping each other, entering competitions and reading interesting articles.

I like that if I have a problem, I can come on here and try to fix it myself. Everyone also seems very friendly which is a bonus! 

Helpful and very easy to understand over the years ;)

Keeps me up-to-date with everything and great competitions 

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I love the way information is shared and everyone wants to help each other xxx

Am new to community looking forward to the competitions and keeping up to date

All the information you need in one easy-to-navigate place if you have a query. Latest news is always welcome.

My favourite thing about iD community is the friendly atmosphere and value placed on customer input 

It’s the helpful EverReadies

What I like the best is that someone always has the answer to your questions.

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