Can't leave through My Account

  • 21 April 2018
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I cannot leave through the supposed proper process in 'My Account'.

Some time ago I tried to end my contract - because I was no longer using my iD SIM, having replaced it as back-up SIM with an O2 PAYG one - but I was unable to for the following reason.

I went through the End My Plan process, until it came to:

End my plan – port out or cancel number.

Do you want to keep or cancel your number?
Keep my number
I don't want to keep my number

I didn't understand what "Keep my number" meant, I thought it meant I could use my iD SIM again later, using the same number, if I signed up again. I wanted to do that so I clicked on it.

I was then told a PAC number had been created and I would need to use that within a certain period to transfer my number to another network, or my contract would continue and I would continue paying. I didn't want to do that, so I tried to go through the End My Plan process again, this time choosing the "I don't want to keep my number" option. But it had no effect, I was again told I had a PAC number sent to me.

At that point I was busy and was not able to get round to dealing with the issue. Today I've been sent another email from iD telling me my bill is ready and I will pay again soon. Reflecting that I will have paid for a couple of months when I haven't been using the SIM, I again tried to End My Plan, this time choosing "I don't want to keep my number" from the outset. I was again told:

You have a PAC code.

We've given you a PAC code already. We sent it by SMS and posted it to your iD Mobile app inbox.

At no time have I been given an option to cancel the PAC and end the plan without trying to keep my number. I should have been.

I want to see that option in the message someone receives when they have chosen "Keep my number". I also want to see more information than "Keep my number" - it needs to be explained that this means transfer your number to a different network, not keep your number associated with your SIM and your user account in iD's database so you could re-activate the SIM later. I know you have "port out" there in the heading, but it's perfectly possible for someone tired and distracted by all the other information on your page to fail to see that and to focus in on the question. The question itself doesn't clarify what "Keep my number" means.

Now I have been unable to contact you because the time I get free when I'm awake to handle these things is at night when both your phone lines and live chat are not available. You apparently don't have a simple email address, or even an email form, for someone to send a request for help. Instead I have had to sign up to a 'Community' forum and type this out to try and get some redress.

If I don't get my contract ended by the proper process soon I am just going to end the direct debit.

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Hi Matmcv, if you've changed your mind or didn't want the PAC in the first place we can arrange to cancel your SIM for you. We'll message you some other ways of getting in touch to get this sorted if calling or livechat are not an option for you.

We'll also feedback, to the app development team, about your circumstances for future developments.

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Thankyou Phil.

Want to end my contract due to end soon cant get in touch though ringing

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Hello @Constance white,

I’ve PMed you with how we can resolve this.




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I need to speak to someone about changing to paygo

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Hi @LIZ42 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


Hello, I want to cancel and used app but it said to contact customer services. can't get through to anyone on customer services via phone or webchat. Please contact me asap

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Hello @Kis12345,


I’ll drop you a PM now so we can help you get this cancelled.