Data usage - Not understood

  • 19 September 2020
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I have just upgraded my daughter's plan and without using her phone 600 MG of her allowance are already gone. She cant make any phone calls and her plan started on the 15th of september but her data allowance didn't even show when it was gone. I need to speak to them and there is not way of doing it! That is the worst service ever!! How can I talk to them?

1 reply

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Hi there @Yala 

Generally speaking the best way to get in touch currently is via the Live Chat Team on our website here.

If you she is on a SIM-only plan, and you have changed that plan midmonth to something else, then there’s a chance you’re on a pro-rata amount of your allowances just until your next bill date comes and you refresh and get the full amount.

You’d only ever be charged a part-month charge if that is the case though.


Most phones these days will record within the Network Settings of the phone itself what apps have used ‘x’ amount of data if it was simply that she had been on data for something extensive (streaming videos etc).