Help with registering as a new customer?

  • 19 July 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi, I need to register as a new customer after receiving new sims but I can’t ..... any ideas why? I must have tried now at least 5 times!

3 replies

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Hello @Tranquility007,

Whilst we can understand that you're having issues with registering, we'll need a little more information on this to understand why.

What error are you receiving?

You mentioned you've ordered new SIMs, are these separate contract SIMs?

You'll need to make sure each SIM is being registered with a different email address.

You'll need to also place the SIM in a device and enter the number for that SIM when registering. This is because a text is sent to the SIM to complete registration.

If you're going to be porting a number over, make sure you're entering the iD number that came with the SIM and not your ported number, as this won't work.

Hi Mohammed, thanks for your reply. Both the new SIMs are up and running in the respective 2 phones. I am trying to register as a new customer and enter new details for the first time on the iD App on my ipad. When I ordered the new SIMs I didn’t create a new account but just added email address and billing details. So, as I’m trying to register for the first time, it just says enter email address or user name so when prompted with email address and my mobile, it keeps saying “There’s something wrong”. Please help, thanks!
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Hello @Tranquility007,

When you purchase the SIM's you'll enter details required for the credit check and the purchase.

When you get the SIM's you'll need to head to our website and click Register for an account.

Then, for each SIM, enter your date of birth, username/email address (you will need to use a new one each time) mobile number and surname.

You will repeat this step twice for each SIM.

Can you double check this and confirm that you're entering the correct date of birth, correct surname and the iD Mobile number provided for each SIM?

If you're still having issues, please let me know here.