How to get the iD mobile app

  • 16 March 2018
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How to get the iD Mobile app
The free iD Mobile app gives you complete control of your account – anytime, anywhere. It lets you instantly do all the important stuff yourself, rather than going to the time and trouble of calling the customer services department. Plus, it doesn’t use any data, so you can log in and use it as much as you want, even when you’re abroad.

Here are just a few things you can use the iD Mobile app for:

• View any of your bills from the past 6 months.
• Monitor your usage and keep a close eye on your limits.
• Quickly buy extra bundles and add-ons as soon as you need them.
• Pay your bills at any time.
• View fully itemised out-of-bundle charges, to see exactly when and why you incurred them.
• Activate or deactivate key features such as voicemail, roaming and adult content filtering.
• Check your upgrade eligibility to see if you're due a new smartphone.
• Get all the latest offers, competitions and much more!

The iD Mobile app is free to download, and a doddle to install:

If you’re an Android owner, download the app here: Link

If you’ve got an iOS device, download the app here: Link

Once you’ve downloaded it, simply register your account and you’ll be up and running!

For more details on how to use the iD Mobile app, check out this Link. Or, if you’re having any issues downloading it, post a question below.


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