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How to manage your plan with My Account and the app

  • 19 March 2018
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We strongly recommend that you either register with My Account online, or help yourself to the free iD app.

Because once you’ve done that, you can start controlling your plan like a boss and do all the important stuff yourself - rather than spending time on the phone with the customer services department. Here are a few of our favourite features:

Monitor your usage and keep a close eye on your limits.

Your allowances are all on the dashboard. You can view them in more detail by clicking 'Allowances'.

Adjust your capped limits.

More info here: Bill Capping explained – how to adjust your pre-set cap

Manage your Direct Debit.

You can easily change your Direct Debit details in the ‘Billing’ section.

Make a manual card payment.

You can make a manual card payment, but we charge you £3.50 every month you do this. If this sounds fair enough, go to 'My Bills', 'Billing', and select 'make a payment'.

Buy add-ons as soon as you need them.

Go to your 'Add-Ons' page, click the 'Buy' tab, and choose the add-on you want. You may then be given an option to make it recurring (if allowed).

Change your plan.

More info here: How to change your plan using the app or My Account

Upgrade to a shiny new handset.

More info here: How to upgrade using the app or My Account

Activate or deactivate key features such as voicemail, roaming and adult content filtering.

You can do this by going to the ‘Services’ page, and toggling them on or off.

View any of your bills from the past 6 months.

To view your current bill, go to 'Billing', then 'Current month'. To view previous bills, go to 'Billing', then 'See a Breakdown'.

Got a question on managing your plan with the app or My Account? You know what to do – post it below.

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