i need to pay my terminated bill off, but i cannot call the payments number to make the payment

  • 9 January 2020
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my bill was just terminated. i have the money to pay it off fully, but i dont have a proper account with ID so the only way i can possibly pay is to call up the customer payment line, however since my contract has been terminated im sure thats the reason i cannot make any calls to the call line. 

2 replies


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Hi @ryanig 

Just in case this is helpful to you (or any other passers by here).


You can call our iD Customer Service Team on 0333 003 7777

You'll be asked for your mobile number so please enter: [INSERT NUMBER HERE]

Select Option 2 for Payments & Billing Select Option 2 again for Making a payment

Your current balance is [INSERT BALANCE HERE]

You'll hear a message of the current balance and if this is correct, press Option 1 to pay this balance.

If the balance is incorrect, please ignore the amount you hear and press Option 2 to pay a different amount.

Enter the amount in Pence followed by # to make the payment for this amount.

For example £10.50 you'd enter 1050 followed by # You'll hear the amount entered and press 1 to confirm.

Then proceed to make the payment.