Logging into account to check monthly bill

  • 30 April 2019
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Every month I receive an email notification that my bill is ready to view online. However I am never able to get onto my account.
I enter my recorded user name and password, but nothing happens. If I then try to click on 'forgotten' username or password, I am asked to enter my mobile number, but it doesn't allow me to enter my date of birth … the box remains grey with DD/MM/YYYY showing but I can't enter the requested date. I've tried a number of months in a row and always ended up giving up the attempt. I don't have the app on my mobile (I'm new to apps! and always struggle … I just want to be able to go online on my PC to view my account.

3 replies

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Hi @DavidEdwardKennard

Which browser are you using on your PC? I have noticed that Internet Explorer may struggle in your situation. I would recommend trying it in Google Chrome or Opera Browser?

Just to make sure, have you ever previously registered your number with ID Mobile Account? It should be done as soon as you receive your SIM Card. If you haven't registered yet head to this link here.

Kind Regards

I was always able to log into my account to check monthly bill.alter capping chare etc. but I no longer am able to do this. Why.?

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Hi there @joybells50 

What issue are you running into?  If it’s that your password is incorrect then you may need to use the Password Reset function in the App or on our website.

A code would be text to your iD Mobile SIM when doing so which will get you back in there.


All passwords would be required to have one capital letter and a number I believe, so be sure you’re entering the capital in your password if you had not been.