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Multiple iD Accounts - view in one dashboard?

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And the inconvenience would appear to continue? How long can you say the feedback has been passed on - more than 1 year it would seem?! Plenty of mobile providers out there (Tesco even!) that can give the user sight of multiple mobile accounts under the one email. I too now have two children’s Sim’s and mine yet only one email - already done the gmail/google trick?! Do I invent an email for the last?

Migrating all of my accounts out of ID mobile as this has been going on for well over a year and is obviously never going to change. X3 lost customers!!!

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Hi @danfrancis,


We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. The feature has been fed back to the team, but we don’t have any further information on when or if this feature will be implemented.


2 years in and still no single login for multiple sims.

Contract nearly up so will be swapping out to a different provider.

Example, EE allows single login for multiple accounts and data swap, very handy.

With ID, i have to remember 3 passwords and email addresses if I forget,  it sends a reminder to my kids phone, not me 🙄 , not handy.

Will this ever become a feature for ID ?