• 14 April 2020
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Hi, I've received 2 texts from My3 over the last 2 days suggesting that I have applied for an account with My3, which I havent, one of these even gave me a password for my apparent account. It says I should contact immediately if I didn't apply for a My3 account, so what would you suggest that my next step is? Many Thanks

16 replies

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Same thing here, 2 text messages from my3. First message provided a temporary password, saying I had registered with 3 and asked me to change it to a permanent one. Followed by a second message a day later stating I had completed registration and should contact 3 If I hadn't registered. 

I contacted 3 and they confirmed I didn't have an account with them and should call them if I continue to receive these messages. I've never been a 3 customer.

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Yes, exactly ths same here, I have never been a 3 customer either.

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Hi @miawal @AxleTough 

iD have not sent these messages. 

Could you please confirm the number they were received from?




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Hi Aklima, there was no number. My phone just showed my3 as the sender.

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Hi @miawal @AxleTough 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.



Hopefully this isn’t too late.

I’ve also just received the same message, what should I do?




I too received these messages. They link to which seems to have a security certificate linked to Three. But I could be wrong. 



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Hi @Mrpanda @emilybrown90 

I would advise to block this number as i dont believe it is associated with iD Mobile or Three. 




Me too, so has ID had their data breached but not telling anyone? Clearly something is up

Same here.

Received the same text message tonight, with password included. From My3(My 3) apparently. I have not registered with My3. Who’s messing around?

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Hi @moonlander,


I’d recommend blocking the number.



I have just had this issue today. 

Exactly same as the cases above asking to verify billing from My3.

Mine did have a number +447865533723 which I have now BLOCKED after reading this thread. 

I will update if I receive anymore texts with different numbers so you can investigate.


Message sent:

"My3: We have failed to take your latest bill, please verify now to avoid suspension of our services:"

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Hi @Hopette,

Thanks for letting us know. Blocking the number is for the best; hopefully they don’t try this again from a different number!


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I have also had a text message today from My 3 and the link we to 3’s web site.   Can someone at ID explain this please as ID do use Three for the network services. 


If ID can not answer this I think we should all contact the information commisioners office and report a possible data breach

I’ve received two txts from my3 about my account. I don’t have an account though.