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  • 20 November 2019
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I want to set up new Id account on the app but have had a previous account so it won’t allow me to set up the new one on the app as I have the same email address please get rid of the old one so I can set up the new one 

I only have one email address so can’t use another 


2 replies

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Hello @Sly78 


Unfortunately iD Mobile does not support using the same email address for two different numbers. I am not sure how would it work if your previous account has not been active for some time. I am sure that @Mohammed , @Kevin  or @Ryan will be able to advise you on this.


In the meantime I can share a wee trick with you that works on iD Mobile registration page and let you keep the same email.


For it to work you would need to register a new account on MyiD and use Gmail, then just put a dot somewhere in the email and it'll work.

so is also or even can do.

Hope that helps!


@Kevin has explained how it works very nicely in one of the older threads but I have spend last 20 minutes looking for it and could not find it. Sorry for that 


Kind Regards

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Hey @Sly78,

@Gregor is correct! We can only allow one account to be set up with one email address and once this has been used in the past, it can’t be used again. You can set up another email address to use as the username, however you can also set the contact email address to the one that you have always used as the username is not used as the contact email address.