New account - cannot reset password as phone not yet registered - Cancellation

  • 3 September 2020
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I have tried to reset my account details to activate the new SIM, but it does not allow me to reset without an existing number. I have a SIM only deal and the new number is not recognised


I’m just trying to start using your service, but am frustrated at how difficult this is proving to be even before I’ve started. Can you help, or should I consider cancelling and going to a different provider?



7 replies

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Hi @naknook,


What error message is being displayed when you’re trying to register? 





I want to cancel my SIM only contact, please. I received the SIM last week, but have not yet inserted into my phone


I’m raising this as a separate thread as this one seems to have dried up, waiting for two follow up posts to be moderated




Let’s try attempt number four to get this advanced

Any news on this, please?

Another day passes by and still no traction on this


Judging by the way this whole case has been handled so far, looks like cancelling is the right option

Attempt number five now. It’s been a week and still no action


Let’s see how far this one gets in resolving the case...

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Hi there @naknook 

First and foremost, we’re terribly sorry for the late replies this week.  

Given your request to cancel, we’ve sent you a private message just now so that we can assist you with that further.