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  • 6 May 2020
  • 7 replies

Since I installed the app on my S20 I can only log in using password and not my pin. It is set to use pin but always wants the passwod

7 replies

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Hi @pgdg,

Please can you try reinstalling the app to see if this allows you to set the app to use the PIN method rather than the password method?



I have reinstalled the app on 5 different times and i can only log in using the password and not the pin, i set the app for the pin but it always asks for the password

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Hi @pgdg 

I’m sorry to see this post was not responded to.

Can you please confirm if this issue has resolved?



the issue is not resolved

I'm having the exact same issue, I want to log in my a pin code but it insists on using username and password 

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Hi there @Bazza1966 

What phone are you using currently?

Is both the phone firmware and the iD Mobile App up to date with the latest version?

Are you at least able to log in ok with the username/ password online or through the app?

I've got a Samsung s9+ with the latest firmware and my id mobile app is up to date thanks

I can log in ok through username and password but would prefer to use a pin code