Why can't I register or login to ID for an account even though I have a new working ID sim and ID are billing me for ues?

  • 19 October 2020
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I can't access my account and I can't register a new account after spending hours on ID Mobile App entry, ID Mobile website and ID live chat. I want to be able to:

1. Port my old number from 3 network to ID Mobile

2. Access my ID Mobile account.

3. Control my ID Mobile account from the app.

I cannot find any way to speak to anyone at ID Mobile to resolve these issues on a normal phone call so I may have to cancel my contract with ID if not resolved quickly.

I've received an email from what seems to be ID mobile asking me for personal information but with no return email address only

This is the email contents for my personal information:

I am sorry to learn about the issue at hand.


-Full name and surname.

-Full Address and postcode.

-Date of birth

-Name of the bank


This is needed so we can comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, which is in place to stop others accessing your account without your permission.


For any further assistance do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail and we will gladly assist.



Kind regards,


Crystal April

iD Customer services.

My questions are:

1. How can I reply to no reply address?

2. How do I know this email is from ID mobile and not a spoof?

3. Why ask me for my personal details and compromise my own security?

4. Surely ID would have a more secure means of contacting it's customers ?



Best answer by Will 23 October 2020, 13:39

Hi @Rideondude,


We’ll send you a Private message now so that this can be looked into.



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Hi there @Rideondude 

First up.  When registering your account you would need to be using the mobile number that came with the iD Mobile SIM, are you being sure to enter that (and not any number you’re looking to bring over)?

What error message do you face when you try to register the account here:


How was it you’ve come to receive the email you’re referring to?  Generally speaking these days you’d either reach out to our Live Chat Team or ourselves on the iD Community as you’re doing here if you ever need help with anything at all.

Is the sender of the email you’ve received?  As I believe that wouldn’t be manned anyone as far as I’m aware.

I can assure you I'm using the correct phone number which relates to the new Id mobile sim.

I've spent hours and days live chatting with many lovely Id mobile people. They've even sent me secure files to prove own ID. The last live chat I had on day 4. I was referred to a local Carphone Warehouse store, being told they'd be able to help as iD love chat could do no more.

Not wishing to give up on my Id mobile SIM mission I went to my local store only to find a long queue into the store. A lovely Carphone Warehouse person made me aware that there was at least an hour wait. She warned me that the staff in store could do no more than I had by live chatting the same as what I'd already done numerous times. The lovely lady also told me that many others before me had also been to the store with similar issues and been most disappointed by the eventual outcome. I took this advice as "don't waste your time here"

Following this I once again ID live chatted and was asked to send a screenshot of my registration errors via email. Hence 3 emails later I am still no further forward, even though I used a different email address and correct phone number for the new SIM, as suggested by one of the lovely ID people who emailed me. 

I know it might seem a rediculus concept but would it be possible to speed things up a bit by s few days by speaking verbally via a telephone to iD Carphone Warehouse customer service expert who can resolve my sim registration issue?

Many thanks for all your very helpful expert advice so far which has been taken on board, tried and implemented.

Let's see what day 6 of Id mobile registration saga brings. 

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Hi @Rideondude,


We’ll send you a Private message now so that this can be looked into.




Ok Will where am I looking for your private message? I haven't found it yet. 

It’s now been one week of trying to access my ID account and ID app and port my 3 phone number to my ID mobile account.

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Hi @Rideondude,


If you go into your own profile, you should see a notification. Select that and you’l see the Private message.