June Community Newsletter Competition - CLOSED

June Community Newsletter Competition - CLOSED
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Welcome to the June competition! 


What’s the prize?

Last month’s giveaway was so popular, we decided to do it again for June! You could be in with a chance of winning a £50 Currys PC World voucher to use online so you can treat yourself to some of the latest tech!


How to enter

For a chance to win, all you need to do is tell us ‘What is your most cherished summer time memory is’


Make sure you post your answer in the comments below. Don’t miss out! The competition ends at midnight on Sunday 7th June, and we’ll reveal the lucky winner shortly after.


Best of luck and we hope you have a great month!


The legal stuff

Terms and Conditions apply

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My most cherished summer time memory is when I travelled back to my home country to meet my grandparents and my uncle after 2 years of not seeing them. It was wholesome and a wonderful experience to have a family reunion. I also got to visit my old room with my classical game collection and to hang out with my old friends once more while visiting glorious places in wonderful weather!

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It hasn’t happened yet but my most cherished summer memory will be the birth of my grandchild in July, it will be a wonderful time after all the gloom of the coronavirus 😍

My most cherished summer memory is the first time I can remember going to the beach. I was maybe six years old and don’t remember it all but I do remember riding on a donkey and how badly it smelled! Afterwards I sat eating ice cream on the beach with my parents as we watched my little brother attempt to do keepsie upsies with the rubber football that we found. He was so cute and innocent, and I’ll always treasure this memory maybe because it’s one of the first I can remember being really happy in. 

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My cherished memory will be the year my 22 year-old matured into a fine young man, and learning how to garden, sow seeds, transplant. The garden has never looked so good. Thanks sunshine

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My most cherished summer memory has to be in the summer of 1977 when my father got transferred by his company to Alicante, in the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Lots of changes, lots of new people and places. A constant sunny weather… We missed that place so much when we moved back to the north of the country

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Relaxing on the beach in Lanzarote

My most memorable summers have to be spending 3 years (1969 - 1971) in Sunny Cyprus, on the beach or playing sport most afternoons.

Last summer we took out children to Greece. It was their first time on an aeroplane, first time snorkeling in the sea and first time on water slides in the swimming pool. It really was a wonderful holiday and one we will all remember. 

My most cherished summer memory was when we went to Santorini, we toured the whole island by Quad bike taking in as much of what the island had to offer. Brilliant memory and lots of photos taken.

My most cherished summer time memory is meeting my now fiance and taking walks along the canal tow path in the sun.

My most cherished summer time memory is being able to have our daughter join us in the back garden again

Being born at the end of July I was normally on holiday for my birthday. Probably my best Summer memory was the year I turned 16 I was on an international youth camp in Sweden with The Boys’ Brigade - my first time abroad.

Most cherished memory was with my girlfriend, now wife, going to see Grease movie and then going to McDonald's for a burger and root beer.

My Cherished moment is opening presents and having a BBQ with my family and grandparents… I will say I am an ozzy so… go figure.

Water fights in the garden with my two girls lots of laughter and fun

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Mr Whippy ice creams on Penally beach near Tenby in the 1970s.

Holidays to Cornwall when I was a kid and for our honeymoon.

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Holidays in Florida.

A ride in a hot air baloon over Alice Springs in 2004, fantastic summer holiday.

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Mine is going for Sunday walks with my parents through the wood and then paddling in the stream

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My most cherished summer time memory is when I was 16 and did an exchange trip to the south of France - sun, wine, girls (and unfortunately Gauloise cigarettes untipped!)

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My cherished memory is holidaying in Lefkada. My second foreign holiday. It rained the night we arrived and everyone danced in the street. It hadn’t rained for three months.

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Going to Israel with my parents and grandparents.  Although I had been and travelled around Israel before, this was the first time we had all been away together. as a family.  It was also even more special as I met up with my penfriend Moshe, who I’d been corresponding with for years and who surprised me by turning up in the hotel full dressed in his army uniform as he was doing his National Service.  It was a very memorable holiday

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CRICKET SEASON, the smell of freshly cut grass and the chance to miss a day of school doing something I love. Great times.

I shall always remember being able to leave hospital in le Havre and being able to return home after being successfully treated for a heart attack. It had been touch and go, but the French doctors     worked the miracle, and I am still here to tell the story.