June Google Competition - Closed

June Google Competition - Closed
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Competition time.

Fancy winning an incredible Google Pixel 3a smartphone? Comment below, and tell us why you think we’ve got a million happy customers.

You’ve got until midnight on Monday 24 June to comment, and we’ll pick the winner at random. Good luck!

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Because your prices and deals are the best around and you offer some amazing handsets with amazing customer support. 😀
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Outstanding Sim only deals! Looking forward to buying a new handset soon (unless I win the Pixel 3a of course 😉)
Because of you're great prices and simple contracts. The app is also easy to use and modify your plan.
Because you have great stores with helpful staff as well as an online presence, prices are competitve.
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Unbelievable Value for money! Great service and run by amazing people, The App is great and very easy to understand/Navigate and it also allows you to simply buy add-ons for the moments you really need to. Would highly recommend the network to anybody looking for high quality service at VERY affordable prices.
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Competitive pricing but still featuring advanced features like 4G-Calling and Wi-Fi calling which many other networks miss!
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ID Mobile works so well, I only need to post in the forums to win competitions.
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After being with I. D mobile for some time now.. Using Sim only. In and out of the UK.. I am absolutely delighted i searched the world wide web and discovered I. D mobile.. My experience so far is nothing but positive. I am on a tarrif thst suits my needs. I had no problems setting up my account or any issues with DD. I always get an email when my bill is due and i can go to my account and check what i have used ir if i wish to top up. Thank you I. D
The service is great and customers feel confident with the support and the flexible contracts on offer. HIghly competitive and difficult to beat.
Your prices are simply unbeatable
Great prices and no lie the data rollover is what really gets me going 👏
Simple tariff and excellent prices. What more do you need?!
Simply unbeatable price and have never told me my monthly contract will be terminated. Also when everyone jokes, ' You use iD??? ' and i dont stay anything simply because only I know exactly how much I save.
Good deals u guys gave me my first phone ever in contract wouldn’t change yas for any1 else
Your phone prices are excellent and data rollover is a great idea different to most other companies I’ve been with and the contracts are really flexible, roaming all over Europe, unlimited Texts, calls etc. These are just a few of many factors, looking forward to upgrading with you guys
Keeping customers happy by making it snappy📸
Best deals/prices and the monthly data rollover is exceptional. Also brilliant customer service which helps I.D stand out from the competition. I already recommended my family join up!
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I love my ID plan and I got my son one too. I’m always telling people how great the data plans are.
A combination of great pricing, customer service and easy to understand billing that's so accessible that ID has even enabled our grandmother, who is now over 80, to surf the web and send her family texts for the first time. Wonderful!
Best prices, easy account to manage, thats why the family has 4 account with you 🙂
Is a good network.
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Great prices and an extremely user friendly website / app interface - keep it up!
Really good coverage and 4g
Low prices, great service and a fantastic app!
Competitive prices and good value