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Our Christmas deals have landed! - Competition

Our Christmas deals have landed! - Competition
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Narrowly missed out on our amazing Black Friday offers and feeling a touch of FOMO? Relax! We think everyone should be able to get an incredible value deal here at iD, so our deals don’t end in November. That’s right, we’re treating everyone to epic deals for the festive season, too.

Let’s get started with our Christmas SIM Only offers. As you probably know by now, we’re all about ‘no fluff, just the good stuff’ at iD Mobile. That means features you’ll love, like Data Rollover and Bill Capping, a Help and Support area where you can find the answers you need, and amazing value.

Well, this month, we’re throwing in a Christmas gift too. Throughout December, we’ll give you a Currys gift card worth up to £50 when you buy a selected 12 or 24-month SIM Only plan. Starting at £10 a month for 12 months, you’ll get 20GB data, unlimited minutes, and a £25 gift card to spend on the tech you love. And it doesn’t stop there – here’s our pick of the best SIM Only deals this month:


Contract length

Monthly cost



Currys gift card

24 months





24 months





12 months





12 months





12 months






With savings like this, how can you say no to unlimited data? If you’re after a 12-month contract, we’ll give you all the data you can use for £18 a month, and we’ll give you that £50 gift card as a thank you, too. And if you want to lock in that unbeatable deal for the long term, go for unlimited data for 24 months for only £16 a month. Not bad at all!


Get cashback with our festive Samsung deals

Since it is the season of giving, why not be a friend to yourself as well? If you’ve got your eye out for a phone that can take Christmas family photos that’ll stand the test of time, we’ve got awesome deals on a range of top Samsung phones. It’s guaranteed to be love at frost sight!

So, what’s the deal? It’s simple! We’ll give you up to £150 cashback when you buy a selected Samsung 5G phone with us. Get £100 cashback when you get the impressive Samsung S21, or the big £150 when you choose the beastly Galaxy S21 Ultra.

However, if you’re after a more affordable Samsung that’s still packed with 5G speeds and a ton of features, we haven’t forgotten you. Our festive Samsung deals have something for everyone! Let’s break it down:

Samsung phone

Cashback offer

Galaxy S21 Ultra


Galaxy S21+


Galaxy S21


Galaxy A52s 5G


Galaxy A32 5G



Whether you’ve got your heart set on something from the boundary-pushing S21 range, or you’re simply after a great value Samsung 5G phone with multiple cameras, you can bag yourself a new Samsung AND get cashback this Christmas. Ho ho ho!


Christmas Competition Time:

There was plenty of energy in last month’s Community competition! We asked you guys about your favourite phone release of all time, and your fantastic responses truly sent us down memory lane – everything from the legendary Motorola Razr to the tough-as-nails Nokia 3310. We love that you guys are as passionate about phones as we are.

And speaking of energy, our prize this month may just make your Christmas, and help you get your 2022 off to a flying start. Why? Because we’re giving one lucky iD Community Member the incredible Samsung Galaxy S21 AND a Fitbit Charge 5! That’s in-person quality calls, super-fast 5G and beautiful screen, and an awesome activity tracker to keep on top of all your health stats. We’re talking workouts, heart rate, sleep, and even stress. Kickstart the new year in style!


How to enter:

We want to know ‘What was the greatest Christmas gift you ever received, and why?’ It could be any present, from anyone special in your life, so long as it has a good story! Feel free to add a photo of the gift below, too.

The closing date for entries is 23.59 (GMT) on 15th December 2021, so be sure to post your entry in the comments section below before the deadline. T&C’s apply.

Best of luck and have a wonderful Christmas!

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The greatest gift I received was when I was a kid and really wanted the new Wii console. That particular year they were all sold out. I was told I wouldn’t be getting one, but my mum strolled in woolworths and one was sitting on the shelf and she bought it. I guess the same would be the case for PS5s this year!

The greatest gift I have ever received was a playstation 2, i had wanted one for so long so it was a lovely surprise. 

Beleiev it or not, it was a new bike. Back in the day most had secondhand bikes and things, but I had a brand new one. I though I was it,

It would have to be a pair of roller skates……the old sort where your shoes fitted into the skate. I thought I hadn’t got them as they weren’t in the stocking …but hidden under the bed. A close second was the bike that had been hidden but my brother told me about so spoilt the surprise! 

the best gift i have ever had is my samsung qled 55inch tv would love these two together though cos they pair very nicely indeed good luck everyone and have a lovely Christmas 

The greatest gift I ever received was framed first stills from the first film my Daughter ever worked on professionally. It means so much.

My Samsung Note Ultra 2020

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(Genuine ID Mobile customer)

My best ever christmas present was a “Mechanical Santa” - our son made it from yoghurt pots, a cotton reel, string, dowels and lots of chrismas coloured material and sticky glue.  when you turn the dowel santas sack goes up and down.  He told me (with a very serious face for a 6yr old at the time) that sometimes people have chimneys that santa cannot get down, so he needs this so he can lower his sack without getting stuck! 

It goes on the fireplace every year - our son is at University now and is always incredibly embarrassed when its proudly placed next to the clock.

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My husband and I met online, after both emerging from the long tunnel of bereavement. He announced he was going to marry me the second time we met, but he still had teenagers at home so we had to wait, him on the Isle of Wight, me in Dorset, a two hour journey. I knew we wouldn't be able to spend Christmas together, but he was coming to see me a few days after The Big Day. A few days before Christmas he texted me to see if my present had arrived. I hadn't received anything so he told me to see if a parcel had been left on the step. I opened the door and he was there! I cried many happy tears. No present will ever top that!

My best present was a kindle Paperwhite. I’ve always loved reading but my world has really expanded with this gift, anywhere I go I can take hundreds of books with me without being burdened and I can read in any light (including bright sunshine). The only downside is my TBR list has become enormous!

The greatest gift i ever received was a bike with tassels which i had wanted for so long and on Christmas day there it was!

My greatest gift was a Clogau gold lovespoon necklace. It was from my mum at Christmas 2012. It was special at the time but ended up being bittersweet as it turned out to be the last Christmas we had together (she passed away suddenly in 2013). I wore it to her funeral and I very, very rarely take it off. 

Our 1st grandson 2 years ago :hugging:

The best Christmas gift I ever received was when my whole family came to visit me. I hadn’t seen them in a long time due to Covid and was feeling pretty lonely, so to have the whole crew there, it brought tears and was absolutely lovely.

my best gift was tickets to see my favourite artist. It was amazing

would be my first guitar

a chopper bike when i was 8, dad was out of work and had done 2 weeks of casual night work to get me the ift of my dreams 

A sega mega drive when I was 12, with sonic the hedgehog, I never thought my mum could afford it, remember walking past the shop with it on show it so many times, I must of jumped into the stratosphere with the amount of excitement when I was un-wrapping it, beaming ear-to-ear all Christmas!

The greatest gift I received was a Playstation 1. My dad liked to keep to himself but gaming was something we could talk about and do together, He is now on his 60s and at least a few days a week we still brag about our wins on games.

Best present was when I was nine, way back in 1977. A very smart drop handlebar bike. The one and only time I was the envy of all my friends.

Tickets to go and watch Manchester United, it was the best present I’ve ever received.

A beautiful diamond necklace from my late grandmother, it was so special and something I will always have to remember a special moment with someone I miss so much. 

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I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Eve - the best Christmas gift ever😀

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The best gift i ever received was a Spectrum 48k when i was younger, i wasnt expecting it and for the first time i had something cool at the right time rather than a few years later. 


My favourite xmas present was a micro machines  race-in a case. I went crazy with it playing non-stop for over 12hr



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