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  • 19 August 2020
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Pay Monthly Tablet plans are now available to purchase directly from the Carphone Warehouse, online and in-Store. 

The plans allow you to get a great value tablet and iD Mobile Data Only SIM for a set monthly cost. 

At the moment, the plans are only available through the Carphone Warehouse. However, you still get the perks of being an iD Mobile customer, such as the iD Mobile App, Data Rollover, Bill Capping and Inclusive Roaming. 

If you've already purchased a Pay Monthly Tablet plan, or you're considering it, we've got a few FAQs that may answer any questions you have below: 


How Do I Register My Pay Monthly Tablet plan on the iD Mobile App or My Account Online? 

Once you've downloaded the iD Mobile App or visited My Account online, registering your account on your tablet is easy. Here's what you'll need and how to register: 


1.Open the iD Mobile App or My Account online 

2.Select the 'Register' tab. 

3.Enter personal details –

  • Your iD Mobile number – This can be found on the Carphone Warehouse receipt           that came with your SIM and tablet. The number will also be on the Welcome email           that will be sent to the email address you gave when the purchase was made.  
  • Account holder's last name (Last name of the person that purchased the account)
  • Account holder's date of birth (Last name of the person that purchased the account)
  • Click Submit.

4.Enter Security code –

We'll send you an 8-digit security code via SMS to your tablet. (This can take a few minutes to come through, if you don't receive your code within a few minutes, then select 'resend code').

Enter the 8-digit security code

Click Submit.

Enter Login Details –

Enter a valid email address. (This email address will be used as your username to log in, so it is important to use one that is valid, and that you remember).

Re-enter email address.

Enter a password that you would like to use to log in.


The password must meet the below requirements;

Minimum of 8 Characters

Minimum of 1 capital letter

Minimum of 1 number

Minimum of 1 special character, e.g. @! $


Once you've registered, you'll have access to view your remaining Data allowance, check your bills, update your payment details much more.


Where Can I find the Mobile Number that came with my Pay Monthly Tablet plan?


Your Mobile number can be found on the Carphone Warehouse receipt that came with your SIM and tablet, or on the iD Mobile Welcome email that will be sent to the email address that was given when the purchase was made. 


Please note, you will not be able to use this number to make calls or send texts. 



My Tablet Is Faulty; What Should I Do?

If your tablet develops a fault within 30-days of your purchase date, you can either exchange it, get a refund, or request a free repair.

If you're over 30-days but still within 12-months of your purchase date, your tablet will be covered by the manufacturer warranty; this still entitles you to a free repair. Your repair will be carried out by the Carphone Warehouse or will be referred to the manufacturer. 

Please note that returns, exchanges or repairs are dependent on the cause of the fault. Any fault considered to be caused by the user, such as water damage or cosmetic damage, may not be covered.

To discuss the fault and options available to you, please visit your local Carphone Warehouse store or you can call them on 0370 111 6565.


How Do I Return My Tablet and Data Only Plan? 

No, once your return is processed, the SIM will be disconnected. If you are posting your return back to the Carphone Warehouse, you may be advised to take your SIM out and cut it in half rather than sending it back along with your tablet. 


Can I Change the Data Only Plan That Came With My Tablet?

Yes, you can. If you're still within your 24-month contract period, but at least 30-days into your contract, you will be eligible to change your plan to another data plan with an equal or higher monthly cost than your current plan. 
If you're outside of your 24-month contract period, you can change your 
plan to one with a data allowance or price plan that is higher or lower than the one you're currently on, depending on what is available at the time.
To view what plans are available for you to change to, log in to the iD Mobile App or My Account online, go to the 'My Account' page, and select 'Change my plan' on the 'Manage my plan' tile. If eligible, you'll be shown a list of Data plans you can change too. 
You will not be able to change to a plan that comes with Minutes and Texts included allowances. 


Can I Upgrade My Tablet and Data Only Plan? 

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade to a new tablet; however, you can change your Data plan in the iD Mobile App or My Account online. 

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