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RIP HQ Trivia. Long live Quiz Planet!

  • 6 February 2019
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RIP HQ Trivia. Long live Quiz Planet!
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Do you miss the mobile quizzing excitement of HQ Trivia? Are you looking for a new quiz game that pits your wits against your family and friends? Then make Quiz Planet your next destination.

Who remembers HQ Trivia? It was our favourite quizzing app for oh, almost a year or so. The chance of winning real cash prizes really had us hooked. Then, after a few months, we realised that the chance of winning real cash prizes was almost non-existent. So we lost interest.

The fact that HQ Trivia’s quizzes were only held at set times each day was another drawback. It meant we couldn’t just pick up and play the game when we wanted to. Very annoying.

And so it came to pass, that HQ Trivia died a death in the UK. On 5 Dec 2018, a message on its Twitter feed said goodbye.

Luckily for us mobile quiz fans, we soon found something else to take its place. Quiz Planet is an awesome Facebook Messenger game, and if you haven’t played it yet, you’re in for a treat. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How do you find Quiz Planet on Facebook Messenger?

Quiz Planet is one of the many games you can play on Facebook Messenger. To find it, start a conversation and click the ‘games’ icon at the bottom of your screen.

You’ll then see a list of available games. Choose to play Quiz Planet, tap ‘Start new game’ and invite your friends to play. Let the quizzing begin!

How do you play Quiz Planet on Facebook Messenger?

Each game of Quiz Planet is fifteen questions long, with five rounds of three multiple-choice questions.

You take it in turns with your opponent to choose a category. Then, do your best at answering the three questions in a round, and wait for them to do the same. At the end of round five, the answers are totted up and the winner declared.

The questions in Quiz Planet are a nice mix, and range from the laughably easy to the horrendously hard. Some questions are created by players themselves, which is a nice touch, because it helps built up the number of available questions and avoids any repetition. We’ve been playing Quiz Planet pretty regularly (okay then, almost constantly) for months now and repeat questions are pretty rare.

So, any major drawbacks? Not really. It can take a while for your opponent to finish their round of questions - but if you’ve got four or five games on the go at the same time, you won’t have to wait too long for your next round to pop up.

What do you win on Quiz Planet?

There are no cash prizes in Quiz Planet, but there’s something much better – rockets.

When you first start playing Quiz Planet, you get a handful of rockets. If you lose a game, then some of your precious rockets lift off to the winner’s pile. But, when you win a game, you get some of the loser’s rockets. The sight of rockets going from your mate’s pile to yours is oh-so satisfying. It’s the kind of feeling that money just can’t buy. And, there’s a ‘rocket leaderboard’ that you can try and climb to the top of, for even more bragging rights.

Do you play Quiz Planet? Have you got an impressive stockpile of rockets or are you running dangerously low? Is there another Facebook Messenger game you’d like to recommend? If so, post a reply below.

6 replies

I like this game BUT it's a great trouble to change language. It changes accidentally, The second problem is wrong answers.

Is there a way of syncing with the Quiz Planet app? I’d like to be able to play on both platforms and retain the same number of rockets

When did a prog horn ever resemble a giraffe? 

Does anybody proof read these submitted questions?

I like this game BUT it's a great trouble to change language. It changes accidentally, The second problem is wrong answers.

I see they got back to you haha 

I love playing this game but the puppy dog toy adverts 

really annoy me, clearly these are real dogs. This is obviously a scam.

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It can be a pain when yer in the middle of a game (timed) and an AD pops up.

You/we don’t get MUCH time to answer the questions, but even less when you gotta waste valuable seconds deleting Ads, THAT SAID I do enjoy the game, especially when my nursey friend gets the MEDICAL questions wrong :grimacing::smile:


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