The iD Community Ranks - Competition

  • 22 January 2021
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The iD Community Ranks - Competition

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My favourite superhero is Wonder Woman, happy memories watching her as a kid :-)

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My sons are my superheroes as they are young carers for their youngest brother and they do so much for him and for us, their parents and they hardly ever even moan about it!!!

Favourite superhero? Gotta be my big bro, sticking it out as a trainee doctor through what is such a bizarre time period right now, and managing to always do it with a smile!

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Alan Shearer , turned down the chance to join Man U for his home town Team , Newcastle United , who he supported as a boy .. Still the premierships all time record goal scorer 

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Got to still be Superman. I grew up with him!

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In terms of comicbook superhero arc, Ironman - from arrogant and selfish to (spoiler alert) giving his life to save humanity...aaannnd my dad’s pretty cool too.

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I think for me it would be Zatanna, I don’t know why but it probably has a lot to do with the “fishnets”


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My superhero is a wolverine, a little crazy but very nice ...

my favourite superhero was the incredible hulk growing up and now i am pleased to see that my 3 yr old son also has the big guy as his favourite hero also :)

Hulk Smash 

My  Super Hero ,has to be ‘ Malcolm Macdonald , who wore the No 9 shirt for Newcastle united and England .When he received the ball , he used to run through the defence ‘  and score  . 

                                    Brian Welch .

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My superhero is my husband. Although with long term health issues, he is always happy and will do anything for me.

The green arrow was a good archer and we'll trained at hand to hand combat. He had technology but no superpowers. He gave all to see justice done.

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My superhero is a friend Dudley who is 83 and does the same Pilates class as me. He just inspires me to keep going

All the NHS workers are my superheroes, for all they have had to deal with over the past year!

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One day hiking in Wales I lost my way and scrambled up a hill which became a cliff face. I’m not great with heights and became paralysed with fear, not able to go on or back. I had my mobile but no signal. I prayed and I saw one fleeting bar on my phone so quickly called the Mountain Rescue Team. As soon as I rang off my signal went. So I sat on a tiny ridge in the cold and dark and waited. They found me after about 90 minutes and took me to safety, back to my car and stayed with me till I was in a fit state to drive home. I will never forget what they did for me. I got off that mountain alive and in one piece because of that Mountain Rescue Team - all of whom were volunteers. Amazing self-sacrificial superheroes.

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My favourite superhero is my best friend, he is also someone I love. Although our stories are like rollercoasters; he became my main support, and made my life more interesting and colourful. We have fight through many obstacles together and even became each others obstacle, yet we still have a strong bond. Thank you to this person for being there for me. I hope better adventures await him.

Thank you iD for holding this competition for us.

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I would like to mention me (after all I was the first superhero on iD Mobile)


simply because he likes to help people on the iD Community Forum

Wolverine. Great guy but flawed like most real life superheroes

My favourite superhero is my friend Katy - always there to make everything better and keep me sane!

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Announcement: Our previous winner has forfeited their prize and another winner has been selected. Please congratulate @graemeporter1210 , we have sent you a private message please respond as soon as possible.