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Who's Your Champion? Apple vs. Android - Competition

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That... decade old question, which is better? Android or iPhone? Whichever side you are on we want to know why your side is better. Maybe it's the iPhone's design and ease of use? Or perhaps Android’s flexibility and roster of devices wins out for you?

Those who share their thoughts will be in with the chance to win... a brand new Android phone or Apple iPhone!

The competition ends at 23:59 on 22nd April 2022, and we'll announce the lucky iD community winner shortly after.

Let the battle commence!

T&C’s apply.

Good luck!

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Over the years I've had both phones and whilst I like the features of Android I find the bugs are incredibly annoying. 

Apple is definitely less buggy and does the job right first time. 

Another vote for Apple. 

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android all the way!! never owned anything other than that. whole family uses android too. just such a good durable phone, never smashed a screen! 

ANDROID 100% apps work on a variety of different brands. Apple was to over prices

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I have both. Android is definitely better value but I’ve seen the top Apple phone go against a professional level DSLR in picture quality so I’d have to vote for Apple!

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Android.  I want to be able to do what I want with my phone, not what Apple tells me.

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Apple still seems to have the better quality - but at a price. That, plus the (now less of a problem), inter-linking and data transfer, kept me on the Android route.

Have both 😜

OK I know its not practical to carry around two phones but Apple & Andriod  each have there strengths and weaknesses. But the line is bluring since apples new offerings. 

We backpack around the world a lot and our phones get a lot of abuse. They are also one of the most important tools that we carry. Actually they are the second most important thing after our passports and insurance of course. 

Firstly the camera is vitality important for us. I have been a long time supporter of the Huawei P30pro which I have been using the past 2 years. Great camera with optical zoom , twin sim option, long battery life and waterproof. When I got this phone apple couldn't offer any of this but things have changed. 

Now the new apple phones are finally waterproof, have world class cameras, have long battery life and can even be considered twin sim if your home provider offers the digital sim option like ID mobile. This is very important for us long term travelers or digital nomads. 

So will I be getting a shiny iPhone for our next big trip...... NO.... but my girlfriend will be, and we will have the opportunity to put them to the test side by side and have the best of both worlds Android and Apple 



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I like Apple because the products are easy to use.

For someone who is older or has special needs they can be great and effortless to use.

Android v Apple well that is Android, it does what is says on the tin, work with everything well.


Android is my choice.

Joined the I Phone club about 6 years ago and never looked back. At the time my reasoning was for better picture quality, but now it’s more to do with I know how all the different apps work within it and the ever changing colours and styles I love. 

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Android! Been with Samsung for years and just cannot imagine getting an iPhone. I had a few iPod touch devices years ago and they were terrible really, plagued with issues and got incredibly slow as time went on!

I am strongly in the Android camp, due to Android phones being much closer to being customisable and/or open source than Apple’s iPhones - as far as I am aware, since I use Android but I have not really used iPhones. Ideally, I prefer batteries to be replaceable. Android can connect to lots of different devices and systems, but iPhones are very restricted, as I understand, and can only connect to Apple devices. During Steve Jobs’s time, he deliberately made it like that, to make Apple products easy to use for beginners - since Apple products cannot be fiddled around with to mess them up, theoretically, and since Apple has full control of the connections, the company can make Apple products connected to other Apple products perhaps work more seamlessly. However, I like to play around with things. The last Apple products I used and loved were the Apple II series computers in the 1980s, which you could play around with and modify, since those were Steve Wozniak’s creation rather than Steve Jobs, who had a totally different design philosophy.

On Android, I know you can create your own Apps if you have the right software, although Apple may also offer that facility.

Also, Android products are much cheaper.

However, I do see the commercial value and appeal of Apple’s products for many people, so I have also invested in Apple’s shares!

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Who is the winner 

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Did anyone win? If you need someone to volunteer to win I’m game!

Yes please let us know if someone actually won this competition. We are all eager to know 🙄 and it has been quite some time since it closed. 

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We have always preferred Android. Here’s our reasons why:

I-phones are expensive and we would rather spend our money in other ways.
Obsolescence is naturally built into I-phones and the cost of repairs, for us, is not worth it.

We prefer to buy pre-used mobiles from someone who has decided to upgrade their phone, partly for environmental reasons and also we do not choose to pay for features we will not benefit from.

We have never used an I-phone. However, when my son was given an old I-phone after losing his old Android, the Wifi button soon stopped working (even in our home), so he was permanently using mobile data. Fortunately he’s on a great ID mobile tariff, so he had data rolled over from previous month! He was shocked by the price of repair. So when it came to choosing a new phone, he happily returned to his preferred Android brand.

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Multiple good reasons to stick with Android :0)


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