Activating upgrade SIM

  • 22 March 2020
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Eventually I managed to get a message from you saying my card had been activated but my number is still not registered in the network.  What’s going on?

3 replies

You have confirmed that my new card is activated but I am still getting the message “Not registered n the network” when I try to make a call although my phone indicates I have a full strength phone signal (though not a data.)

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Hi @RogerSturge,

I am sorry to hear this! A SIM card may take a couple of hours to become active; is it working since posting your message? If not, I would recommend logging into your online account to see if there is a prompt given to confirm activation. Please let me know how it goes.


I got there in the end.  t wasn’t the two hour delay you mention.  It was the total confusion created by contradictory messages on the web-site which seemed more concerned with involving me in Community than pointing me in the right direction to activate.    Eventually, on my third visit to Live Chat I was told to remove my SIM card for a two minutes and then reinsert.  At last I got connection. 


It’s a measure of the poor quality of the system that to activate I was given instruction to go on Live Chat but nowhere n that page was there any indication how ot connect to Live Chat - or at least I couldn’t find it.  It should have been prominent n view of the instruction.


All’s well that ends well but I’m not impressed by ID’s systems.  I reckon it took me most of 4 hours over two afternoons and a lot of frustration.